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Collectively, HRGV provides clinical and support services, and advocates on behalf of people impacted by Huntington's disease. We conduct world-class research to improve what we know about Huntington's disease and how we treat it.

Learn more about our various current research projects and how to get involved with them below. We are constantly looking for research participants to help us. If you are interested in participating in our research, we recommend you sign up to our participant registry. By registering, you will be kept informed of all relevant studies we are currently conducting. People from all clinics are welcome to join our registry. By joining you are helping us improve outcomes for all Huntington's patients.

Your participation in Huntington’s disease research can help lead to better treatments and more effective healthcare for people living with HD.

ENRU/CCN Laboratory Research Participant Registry

Finding suitable volunteers to participate in projects is one of the biggest challenges we face in our research. The registry seeks to create a list of interested participants to whom we can present relevant projects to continue improve our understanding of HD.

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Creating a global database of people affected by HD to foster the development of treatments.

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Remote Assessment of Lifestyle and Cognition in HD

By understanding how exercise and sleep affect thinking skills in people with HD, we may learn how lifestyle can be managed to boost thinking performance.

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Apathy in Huntington's Disease

Knowing how to measure apathy effectively will help use recognise it earlier and intervene before it negatively affects people's lives.

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Brain and Cognitive Function in HD: A MEG Study

The results of our study could improve the way new treatments for Huntington's disease are assessed in terms of their effects on cognition.

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Gut-brain Health in Huntington's Disease

By understanding the gut's role in HD, we hope to find out whether it could be a potential target for treatment.

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Can Non-invasive Brain Stimulation be used to Treat Apathy in Huntington's Disease?

We are testing if transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS), a gentle non-invasive brain stimulation technique, can alter brain activity in a way that may be used to increase motivation in people with Huntington’s disease (HD).

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Speech Disorders in Huntington's Disease

Better understanding communication in Huntington’s disease will inform new speech therapy goals and targets.

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Improving the Usefulness of a Driving App in Huntington's Disease

We are looking to improve a specially designed iPad app so that it is accurate in determining driving ability for people with Huntington’s disease.s

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About HRGV

HRGV aims to advance knowledge about the cause(s), pathogenesis, clinical and social impacts of Huntington’s disease and related disorders and to develop and implement scientific strategies promising therapeutic and psychosocial interventions.

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Participants Required

We require participants for our numerous studies. Most studies offer some form of compensation for your time. Please take some time to look at our available studies here and help us improve treatment outcomes for people with Huntington's Disease. You can also sign up for our Participant Registry and be kept up to date with research projects that are relevant to you!

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