The Neuropsychiatry Unit, Royal Melbourne Hospital

Who are we?

We are a clinical unit of the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre - a joint initiative between North Western Mental Health and the University of Melbourne. We are staffed by a multidisciplinary team including consultant neuropsychiatrists, neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, behavioural neurologists, training psychiatrists, resident medical officers and mental health and general medical nurses.

What do we specialise in?

We have expertise in organic mental disorders, early onset and atypical dementia, Huntington's disease, epilepsy, neurodegenerative conditions, neuroimaging in mental illness, chronic psychotic disorders, movement disorders, ECT and psychosurgery.

What do we do?

We are a statewide specialist mental health service that offers neuropsychiatric assessment and advice to psychiatric, neurological and other medical and mental health services. In addition, the unit is involved in a range of world-leading research endeavours, innovative educational programmes, and training of mental health clinicians to meet the future specialised mental health needs of the community.


Young Onset Dementia (YOD), dementia with onset prior to 65 years of age, affects approximately 25,000 Australia, and makes up 10% of all dementia cases. While dementia is a National Health Priority Area, patients with YOD fall through clinical service gaps and struggle to access the highly specialised expertise required to diagnose and manage their unique set of needs.

The NPU has been funded by Better Care Victoria, with the aim to improve access to diagnosis and care for those living with possible young-onset dementia, or atypical dementias, whilst reducing costs associated with accessing specialist clinics. Telehealth makes use of online videoconferencing and enables patients, who are deemed clinically appropriate, to have video appointments with our specialists using their own smartphone, tablet or computer.

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About HRGV

HRGV aims to advance knowledge about the cause(s), pathogenesis, clinical and social impacts of Huntington’s disease and related disorders and to develop and implement scientific strategies promising therapeutic and psychosocial interventions.

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Participants Required

We require participants for our numerous studies. Most studies offer some form of compensation for your time. Please take some time to look at our available studies here and help us improve treatment outcomes for people with Huntington's Disease. You can also sign up for our Participant Registry and be kept up to date with research projects that are relevant to you!

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